Lowering the Pain Factor of Tattoos in Spokane

Getting a tattoo is an incredibly important decision as the is something that you’ll live with for your entire life. It is hopefully something that you’ll enjoy it for your entire life as well. As soon as you have decided on a tattoo design that you really like and one [...]

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Tips to help prevent your Tattoo from fading

The appearance of your tattoo both when new and in the long term future is the most important and most overlooked factor with tattoos. This article will provide the most important and proven factors to ensure your tattoo keeps its appearance and color over time, after all, no one wants [...]

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Tattoos on tongues ?

In the recent few years, the popularity of tattoos and expression of one’s self with tattoos has increased ten-fold.It is not uncommon anymore to see tattoos on people in everyday life, which was once very uncommon. People from all walks of life are now the owner of body art on [...]

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Tattoo care

Remove the wrap imposed by the master for 3-6 hours. On the film can be fully or partially printed pattern. Do not panic, this is normal. Thoroughly rinse the tattoo with warm water and liquid soap until you wash off all the lymph. Blot with a paper towel. Let your [...]

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