//About the correct choice of master and tattoo salon

About the correct choice of master and tattoo salon

Suppose you thought for a long time, doubted, set aside money and, finally, decided to do the first tattoo in your life (and, maybe, not the first one, this case is delaying, you know). There is a legitimate question – where is it better to get a tattoo?

Let’s assume that we are reasonable people and health always comes first, so “a friend of my friend’s tattoo artist” (who will quickly do everything for a couple of bottles of foam) is not our choice.

It is known that when applying tattoos, the main thing is safety for health and the absence of negative consequences!

IMPORTANT: No “artisanal master” guarantees you that in a couple of days your tattoo will not begin to inflame (and, perhaps, something worse, even serious health problems).

Believe me, the consequences of a tattoo made in a doubtful place will last much longer than the joy of low prices. From here, rule number one – if you really decide, then go to the tattoo parlor!


Why do people choose the tattoo salon “tahiti-tiki-tattoo”

  1. A professional team of craftsmen will help determine the pattern (if you make a tattoo) and the place of its application. All styles and sketches of any complexity – our masters can do everything!
  2. Consultation after work. Taking money from a client and “goodbye” is not our method. We are always ready to give advice on caring for a tattoo and will definitely help in case of problems (smeared, scratched – anything can happen).
  3. Responsibility – our masters will never start working if they see that you simply don’t need it! Tattooing is done for life, hasty decisions are useless. By the way, all those who are tipsy, “high” and under 18, please do not disturb (come back tomorrow).
  4. Absolute security. Perhaps the most important thing. We value our reputation and therefore, to minimize the risk of negative consequences in our tattoo studio ONLY ONE-DISPOSABLE TOOLS AND PROVEN MATERIALS are used!
  5. Reasonable prices for tattoos. Although it is not so important, is it possible to value a dream with money?

And, finally, it will be just pleasant for you to be with us. Stylish interior , relaxing atmosphere, set-top box, music, tea, cookies, candy … mmm … and pulls up comfortably in the chair of the master in anticipation of the speedy realization of the dream of a lifetime.

Yes, yes, do not wait! The economic situation in the country is unstable, tomorrow may be more expensive.

Therefore, if you decide to get a tattoo – come to tahiti-tiki-tattoo!


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