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NOTE: We DO NOT design any Polynesian tattoos and send them out. We can only suggest to look for Tattoo Conventions in the area and then to find out if there will be any Polynesians attending.

Kava Ceremony


We are specialised in Tahitian Tribal Ethnic and Maori, however we also offer an extensive range of Colour and Shadow work from Japanese and Asiatic to Old School Tattoos. Last but not least we are big Tribal Modern fans. We also offer Body Piercing. Here at Tahiti Tiki Tattoo we follow strict sterilisation procedures and are adequately equipped with the necessary sterilization equipment required before tattooing and piercing, a must for all Tattoo Studios. For more details see our Hygiene Page.


Tahiti Tiki Tattoo was opened in 1995 after a mission from Tahiti to explain and share with the European Tattoo World the true Tahitian Tattoo. A major point was to also explain the symbols which shouldn't be used; Tatau Tapu (family symbols, sacred tattoos), and the like, which were readily available from Tahitian photos. The copying of such symbols was a strong factor in the partaking of the mission. These, being seen via Tattoo magazines was causing concern among some Tahitians and Polynesians in general!

Sunset (Moorea)
Sunset (Moorea lagoon Haapiti)


Tohu the god of Tatau is considered as the creator of the Tahitian symbols and the colour of the fish.One Polynesian legend goes to explain that two gods Mata Mata Arahu and Tura`i, to seduce Hina the goddess of the moon, tattooed their bodies with beautiful blue symbols. For sure Hina was seduced and from that time on Polynesians decided to copy these two clever gods.It is and has always been an important part of the Tahitian culture to be tattooed. By decorating their bodies with special symbols they were traditionally covering both;

Enata - Representing themselves, the native people, things of the Earth. These symbols would explain their life history, social level, work and activities, daily protection, fertility, for seduction, where they were from... A fisherman for example could have symbols protecting him from sharks, or a warrior against his enemies.

Etua - Representing the Mystic; past Ancestors, Chiefs and Shamans, and the Gods. These symbols were used to honour and to be close to the Gods, and protection against losing Mana, (interior life force, source of power). Mana was both inherited from ancestors and a part of the person himself, therefore accumulating as it was passed from generation to generation. The Tahitian goal was to accumulate as much Mana as possible during his lifetime and keep it for his descendants.


After the colonization of Tahiti and the prohibition of Tattoo many of the traditional symbols and their use were sadly lost. Tattooing was done in secret but was revived again in 1984. Now in modern Tahiti the deep traditional meanings are used only by a few, and sacred symbols kept by royal families or shamans. The more popular symbols in use today represent the person or what the person wants to represent.

Paulo Suluape (Samoa)
Keone (Hawaii)

The traditional method of tattooing; Te Patu Tiki however, only done by Polynesians in Polynesia (or maybe at a convention if you´re lucky), took a new beginning in 1995 and was shown around Europe by Paulo Suluape, the Samoan Tattoo Master. Now in all Polynesia you can find Traditional Tattooists.

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