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Tahitian Tattoo, Te Tatau, an ancient art, a way of life, a culture, a people, all intertwined...


Here we present a couple of good friends from Moorea, Tahiti. Tattooing since young teenagers, amongst a select few Chime and Purotu were originally picked by an important Tahitian Shaman to study the old ways to be able to revive the ancient art of Te Tatau and bring the symbolism back to Tahiti's shores, which after colonisation was all but lost. Now with their respective studios in Moorea they are considered as two of the most knowledgeable artists of modern day Tahitian Tattoo, indeed they 2 of the most respected Tahitian Tattoo Masters in Tahiti.

Purotu and Chime, brothers in arms, Tahitan Tattoo
purotuTe Tatau


Te Tatau or the traditional method of tattooing, basically explained is a sharpend comb lashed onto a small wooden bar, (varied for different purposes), once rested on the skin is then tapped with another stick perforating the skin and introducing the ink making the unique sound 'ta tau, ta tau, ta tau'. In Moorea Chime and Purotu join forces to offer an unforgettable experience in the art of Te Tatau, for information email Tahiti Tiki Tatoo.


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Since travelling throughout Europe in 1995 the name Chime is now recognised in the tattoo world all over the planet. Chime has tattooed in all the best Tattoo conventions and has had a major influence in the huge popularity of Tahitian Tattoo.

2008 sees Chime again in Europe repeating Tattoo conventions and promoting his culture all over again.

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As well travelled world wide, Purotu also holds arts diplomas from France. An all round artist apart from tattooing he is more famed for his excellent carving skills and has partaken in the ceremonial carving of the original Hawaakinui canoe which navigates throughout Polynesia.

Like many Polynesians whatever material Purotu touches seems to just turn into an object of art, guess you gotta see for yourself...


Now Te Tatau is a part of everyday life in the islands of Tahiti and her islands, including the Marquesas. Everywhere you go in Tahiti you can see the locals adorned with their tattoos, the check in at the airport to the girl in the bank with her whole hand tattooed. Like the old days Te Tatau is once again how it should be in her home of origin; fully integrated within the Tahitan culture...

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