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PUROTU TATTOO: Un amigo de Morea, Tahití. Check out his original and authentic style. Purotu is also featured in our Tattooists page, let's see when I get some time to put some of his photos up! Don't forget the no copy rule though, not good karma...

DANIEL OVEJO - RITUAL TATTOO: One of our guest artists in 2007, our colleague Daniel now has his own studio (and web page) down in Las Palmas in the Canary islands and is also featured in our Tattoos page.

ANYA - AM I TATTOO: Another friend from the crew here in Ibiza, Anya now has her own studio in Colonia Alemañia, take a look at some of her tattoos in here...

MOKO INK: Awesome work here from Inia Maori tattooist in Grey Lynn Auckland.

HEI MAORI ART: A selection of Maori carvings from New Zealand put together by Mana. Take a look at some fine artwork from some excellent Maori Artists.

NZ HISTORY - MAORI: A brief history of the New Zealand Maori.

BEIJA FLOR IBIZA: Priceless and Antique art and artifacts from Tibet, Nepal, Bali, India, Indonesia and Brazil.


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