The other half of Tahiti Tiki Tattoo, is dedicated to Polynesian Art, Europe's gateway to traditional hand carved treasures from 'Aotearoa' (New Zealand) and Tahiti. In the future the selection will also include art from other Polynesian Islands. In the meantime we can find Traditional art made from Bone, Greenstone (Jade), Paua, Shell, and Wood in the main sala of Tiki Tattoo.

Maori Hei Matau - Jade
Marquesas Tiki - Shell
Maori Manaia - Bone


Tahitian Collar - Mother of Pearl
Tahitian Carvings

In Tahiti like all Polynesia the locals are expert carvers. For the moment we have some beautiful mother of pearl carvings from Tahiti Nui. These carvings are popular adornment for the Tahitian people and come in various shapes and sizes.

Each piece is filled with Tahitian symbols, which are also used in Tahitian Tattoo.



Tiki Tattoo also stocks some of New Zealands finest Greenstone, or Jade. For the Maori people it is known as Pounamu and is held in great esteem as one of their great treasures. All pieces are accompanied by their meanings, and are dispalyed in the shop with great respect. All Maori Art is imported directly from New Zealand.



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