Maori Tattoo

Ta Moko, traditional Maori tattooing, more commonly recognised in photos as being worn on the face was: Maori identity. When signing treaties and the like, Maori Chiefs would even trace out their Moko or part of it as their signature.

The Maori people feel very strongly about the identities of their Tipuna (ancestors) being copied, as this is also their identity. To copy Maori tattoo without right is to disrespect the Maori people.

The complex spiral and Koru patterns showed exactly who, where, what family,what tribe, and what status the person wearing the Moko had. All of this information not only depended on what symbols were used but also on what section of the face they were placed.

Ta Moko of old was not tattooed into the skin as such, it was chiseled into the skin, using techniques related to woodcarving. Usually the legs and buttocks would also be tattooed creating a shorts like effect.


Ko Te Ati Awa, me Ngati Mutunga aku iwi. No Wharekauri ahau.

Mana represents Maori Tattoo in Ibiza, decorating the locals and visitors and in Ibiza with symbols from his homeland. Each tattoo is exclusive and belongs to the person wearing it.

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