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Trust experts, no fakers with your Skin. Making the transition from amateur Tattoo artist to professional Tattoo artists is no joke.it takes years of practicing different technics and trying different things to even start to come close to getting a clean straight line in the skin. so When someone tells you their friend is a pro at his Jackie, unsanitary looking shop, don’t do it. 75% of the time the “Tattoo artist” has no real prior shop experience or any time with a pencil in their hand to prove they’re telling you the truth. when choosing a tattoo artist the first thing that needs to be done is to look at the artist’s tattoo portfolio and decide for your self if the artist’s style is worth having on your skin forever. choosing an artist is not an easy task, you have to consider the tattoo you want and the ability of the artist before making your decision.

Finding the right Tattoo Shop

Doing a little research before making a life long decision on a tattoo is Not something you want to skip over and forget. you want to check the artist’s tattoo portfolio up closes and in-depth. make sure you get what you’re paying for by checking to ensure the artist’s linework is perfect, Has no squiggles and the shading is smooth with a great sense of contrast and gradience in the artwork. You want to see the depth of the tattoos they have done. that way you know what to expect from the artist when you are describing what you want out of the Tattoo artist.

If your looking for highly skilled Tattoo Artists in the Northwest, we recommend Stopping by the Best Spokane tattoo shop in Washington Starting with All About it tattoo studio

Looking for tattoo shops in mesa arizona?

Third Eye Body Art is the highest quality studio in Arizona. We are the only all titanium standard shop in the state. We sell ONLY the highest quality titanium and gold body jewelry from the best manufacturers in the world such as Anatometal, BVLA, Industrial Strength, Neometal, Body Gems, Intrinsic, LeRoi, Maya, Gorilla Glass, Glasswear Studios, and Diablo Organics. We also staff a full time tattooer who is a 100% custom artist.

Third Eye Tattoo and body art is one of the best tattoo shops in mesa that provides custom Tattoos and piercings by highly skilled artists that specialize in custom body art. Each Tattooer has there own unique style that they like to express, like Traditional Tattoo’s, Photorealism, portraits,Black and grey, color and 3D artwork. We only use the Best body jewelry when it comes to your skin. we use titanium, niobium, and gold from only the best manufactures in the industry. when it comes to a professional, and comfortable environment during the procedure we have you covered with our private rooms that protect the privacy of our clients when needed. we are Mesa’s Premier Tattoo Shop so All of our artists use the leading practices when it comes to any body modification done in our parlor.


Our goal is to bring the best tattoos in the industry with our highly skilled team of experienced tattoo artists. Tahiti-tiki-tattoo is a Award winning tattoo shop that offers the highest quality of art.

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