Tahitian Tattoo

Sandra was originally an Orero (spokesperson) for the Tahitian Tattoo and lived in Moorea many years. Travelling from Tahiti in 1995 and touring the main European Tattoo conventions it was her job to explain Tahitian symbols and meanings during conventions. While she explained, her Tahitian companions were endlessly tattooing. At this time in Europe very little was known about Tahitian Tattoo and many occidental tattooists were copying sacred family symbols, one of the main reasons for the undertaking of the European Tour.

Since the departure of the original Tahitian Tattooist from Tahiti Tattoo she has become a Tattooist and Representative for the Polynesian culture, specialising in symbols from Tahiti. Each of her tattoos is exclusive and has special symbols for each person. These people have a special piece of their life written on their bodies in the form of tattoo and are NOT to be copied. To copy these tattoos is to steal something personal from the wearer and depending on the symbols could have unseen repurcussions.

Polynesian Tattoo is a culture, it is personal and sacred and can represent many different things. This ancient art is practised throughout Polynesia has made a wild comeback with the people realizing and strengthening their identities with the assistance of Tattoo. The true Tattoo Masters of Polynesia, those who have the knowledge from the Tupuna (ancestors) and who have the right to use the Traditional ways, are always Polynesian.

Traditional tattooing is especially sacred and is not given out at will. At Tahiti Tiki Tattoo Ibiza, Sandra pursues her passion for Tahiti Tattoo using modern methods with Tattoo machines and the utmost respect is reserved for Te Tuhuna no te tatau, The Polynesian Tattoo masters.

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