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Sandra, specialised in Tahitian symbols, discovered her passion for the Tahitian culture during a visit in 1989 and lived in Moorea for 7 years. This time was spent learning about Tahitian culture and the the art of tattoo, a language of symbols, written on the body.
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Mana comes to us from New Zealand and is of Maori heritage. Over the last few years working as a tattooist it has become his mission to give visitors to Ibiza a representation of Maori culture.
Antonio Alex, from Valencia is specialised in all styles of tattoos, although his real talent lies in New School and strong colours, annything he does is top quality...Alex is with us in June and July 2015.
Antonio Also from Valencia Antonio is specialised in realistic tattoos, colours and shading, all with a classic Antonio style, he's a must see! Antonio is with us in August and September 2015.



Purotu & Chime
Chime and Purotu
Here we have 2 of the original tattoo masters from Tahiti. These 2 bros are probably responsible in a big part for the revival of Tahiti Tatau in Tahiti, and made the Tahitian style reknown worldwide. Chime and Purotu both have their studios in Moorea, a 40 minute boat ride from Papeete and like to join forces in making the Traditional Te Tatau tattoo. For those tattooists who think they know Polynesian tattoo, take some time to read up on the real thing...
Kiko Kiko, from Rio de Janeiro Brazil has been coming since 2005 to do the summer season with us. Kiko is the owner of Kiko Tattoo studios en Rio with 3 tattoo shops in different parts of Rio. Kiko's strong points are his realism work and Japonese, although like all the others can turn his hand to anything...
Now back in his Tattoo studio in A Coruña Galicia Manu worked with us way back in 2007/8 en Tahiti Tiki Tattoo.
Pinche para fotos Yet another friend Daniel also came a few times to do the summer season with us, another excellent tattooist specialising in Japanese, colours, shading, realism and all styles... Daniel has his studio in Gran Canary..
Another guest artist turned friend Mario worked as a guest artist years ago. Originally from Columbia now working in Holland and Germanym Mario dedicates more to New School and Old School tattoo styles, but like all good artists also capable of doing any style.
click for photos Max, from Rio de Janeiro Brazil has come to do 4 summer seasons with us over the years. Max is at home doing any style as well, turning more towards realism, colours, shadings etc....

All artists love to create exclusive designs. Clients are encouraged to discuss their ideas and in fact your personal input is one of the most important factors in the creation of your exclusive tattoo...

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