//Tattoos on tongues ?

Tattoos on tongues ?

In the recent few years, the popularity of tattoos and expression of one’s self with tattoos has increased ten-fold.It is not uncommon anymore to see tattoos on people in everyday life, which was once very uncommon. People from all walks of life are now the owner of body art on their skin, from bankers, doctors to religious and criminals. There are literally hundreds of different genres of tattoos,which support different meanings, signs and various forms of status. One particular style of tattoo which has come on the scene in recent times, and which is recognised still, as unique, is the tongue tattoo.

With the tongue tattoo, it’s still the same procedure and preparation as getting a normal tattoo on any other park of your body/skin. There are many different forms of tattoos which have proven to be quite popular on the tongue, these being either a small symbol in the centre front or back, or covering the whole tongue in colour or black/grey ink, tribal work and shapes are also popular. Getting a tattoo on the tongue has often been described as having the sensation of tickling, and numbness, suprisingly some have said it has a less pain factor then other popular areas on your body to get tattooed. To get the tattoo effectively on the tongue, the artist must use a small tool,  which is used to assist with holding the tongue out,  to prevent swallowing (as saliva can build up and become annoying) and to hold the tongue still and in place as much as possible.Receivers of tongue tattoos have expressed positive feedback in relation to healing and no loss of taste or damage to taste buds. Of course being in the mouth, it is impossible to apply creams or ointments, so the healling process involves a more natural approach.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on your tongue, or are looking for more information prior to getting your tongue tattoo, try finding a local tattoo artist who has had significant experience with tongue tattoos in the past, simply ask, search or call the tattoo parlours to do so. Hopefully this has helped you in your quest to find your inspiration for your next tattoo venture. Feel free to comment, or post any information on your experiences with getting a tattoo on your tongue or any relevant material or information found which can aid in any other reader to get their tongue tattoo

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