//Tips to help prevent your Tattoo from fading

Tips to help prevent your Tattoo from fading

The appearance of your tattoo both when new and in the long term future is the most important and most overlooked factor with tattoos. This article will provide the most important and proven factors to ensure your tattoo keeps its appearance and colour overtime, afterall noone wants an old faded wrinkly tatoo when they reach an elderly age. Over the years it is though, inevitable that your tattoo/s will lose its brightness and vibrancy.

Here is the proven methods at reducing the rate and reducing the effect your aging process has on your ink-

1. The proper care for your new Tattoo, as your tattoo heals and in the first couple of weeks after getting your tattoo. Do not scratch or pick at the healing tissue and ink as this may remove some of the actual ink pigmentation from your skin and leave areas with no ink, or blotches. You will also need to apply a good quality mouturizer or ointment to prevent infection and drying of the area, usually your tattooist will sell these or recommend the best ointments available.

2. Remove sun exposure on the tattoo. Yes i know this is difficult, especially in the summertime months, but its crucial. The UV rays given off from the sun can break down the pigments used in colouring your tattoo, not good!. If you do have to expose your ink to the elements of the sun, reduce the amount of time in the sun, and apply a strong spf sunscreen, be sure to keep applying throught the time exposed. If you have to be exposed for long periods such as, for work, cover with a bandage or sport bandage.

3. Choose a quality tattoo artist. Quality and reputable tattooists use the highest quality inks, and deep positive penetration of the ink. If you do not know of a quality tattooist, it is easy to find one with some simple research, either via the web or word of mouth (word of mouth does get around quickly)

4. Choose a strong and stable colour eg Black, Dark blue generally the darker the colour the more stable. It is known also that inks with a red base, do tend to fade much faster with some of these colours for example  yellow, magenta, orange and red.

Keeping these important points in mind, as with everything, a healthy lifestyle and diet with plenty of vitamins and excercise will promote healthier skin, this also slows down the ageing process.  Changes in your skin and body will affect your tattoos, keep this in mind !

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